Superhuman - Hewlett-Packard


This animated story depicting how customers can benefit from HP's Converged Infrastructure offerings was developed as both an interactive module as well as a motion graphics video. SPh was asked to build a global reaching, translatable, fully responsive, interactive animation that would work on all modern desktop and mobile browsers as well as IE8. We knew the key would be finding a javascript framework dating back to when IE8 was in it's prime, but also one that would feel current when viewed on browsers from, well, you know, this decade. After some searching, and a lot of testing, we did just that. The final product allows users to scroll through the animation as if they were drawing it themselves, click through from scene to scene, or simply play the animated story from beginning to end. Copy and assets unique to the various HP global regions are contained in a backend created especially for the task. A one size fits all solution is rarely possible, but with careful planning and targeted digital strategy, we admit we may have come pretty close.

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